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Manufacturer of process lines for industry


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The company P.P.H. STALPLAST s.c. was founded in 1975. For over 25 years the company has been specializing in the design and building of production lines for trapezoidal sheet metal, metal roofing sheets and technological lines for the production of circular, square and rectangular longitudinally welded construction pipe and Z, C and sigma sections and non-standard profiles and other specialized technological equipment. These lines are equipped with the latest control and monitoring systems to streamline the production process and ensure the highest safety standards.

We also design and construct complete factories for the production of houses made from concrete or expanded concrete elements. The factories we build can produce even one house a day (all the walls and ceilings). They produce complete finished walls, which after drying are transported to the construction site and put together like blocks of "Lego". The walls are equipped with all internal installations /electrical, water, gas and heating installations/. The walls are smooth and do not require plastering.

Depending on customer’s individual needs requirements, we can supply single machines as well as whole production lines, combined with comprehensive consultation services, including instruction on how they should be located, and also the selection of individual elements. Each project is preceded by a thorough analysis of the sometimes unique requirements of our clients, which includes an analysis of the buildings in which the production lines are to be installed and their infrastructure, as well as studying the client’s current and future production plans. Each installation is covered by a warranty and post-warranty service.

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