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Manufacturer of process lines for industry

Production lines for

prefabricated houses

Production lines for prefabricated houses

Production lines for prefabricated houses

Our company is also engaged in the design and construction of complete factories for the production of houses made from concrete or expanded concrete elements. The factories built by our company can produce even one house a day (all walls and ceilings).

The factory produces complete finished walls based on the construction design provided by the investor, which after drying, are transported to the construction site and put together like blocks of “Lego".

The prefabricated wall system is characterized by:
walls and ceilings of the highest quality
short construction time
a finished wall surface that does not require plastering
a greater inner surface of rooms thanks to the reduced thickness of walls
process of maturing and drying of the walls (after production)

The flexibility of the system allows for architectural freedom – arches, cants or odd-shaped openings are easily made.

During production, the walls are armed with all necessary junction boxes and channels for electrics, water, sewage, ventilation, alarm, telephone, central vacuum, etc. in accordance with the Investor’s submitted order. The walls have window and door openings and feature internal steel reinforcement in accordance with the design. The production lines are computer controlled in a fully automated process line that allows for a perfect fit between the individual building elements. Installation can be performed at any time of the year at temperatures to -5°C.

The system produces walls in standard thicknesses of 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 cm.

After the building has been assembled, its exterior walls are insulated with polystyrene foam or mineral wool with a thickness of 12 cm or 15 cm, which ensures excellent thermal insulation.

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