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Manufacturer of process lines for industry

Process lines for

cutting sheet metal

Process lines for cutting sheet metal

Process lines for cutting sheet metal

To facilitate the process of forming sheet metal and the production of sections we can supply with longitudinal and transverse reel slitters. The advantages of a process line for cutting sheet metal are that the size of the cut sheet can be adjusted in accordance with the production requirements, simultaneously avoiding incurring any damage caused by external company during the metal sheet cutting or the speed of the service.

Lines for cutting sheet metal from a roll can longitudinally and transversely cut sheet with a thickness of 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. The maximum number of cuts is 12. These lines are designed for cutting coiled sheet metal with a width to 1250mm.

Ease of the line’s operation and the highly straightforward software enables for quick and accurately implemented production plan as well as check of the statistics for production carried out for a given period.

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